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Pattie Daly Caruso, mom of Quinn and Carson Daly of "The Voice," featured katoj as one of her gift ideas for Mother's Day in 2011. She purchased a katoj necklace with her three grandchildren, Jaden, Jackson and Rinnie and a 14k gold cross overlay. Pattie is a renown television personality in Palm Desert, CA and among her many accolades was named one of David Letterman's Top 10 Moms and was also featured on MTV's Celebrity Moms.

The Austin American Statesman highlighted katoj in its 2010 "Mom, a la mode" article with gift ideas for mom for Mother's Day. Featured is our sterling silver charm bracelet with two discs, each showing a name and birthdate.


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Thank you so much. I love the necklace!! You did such a great job. I hope you and you family have a wonderful Christmas!
Lana Gee, TX
https://www.katoj.com/PDGCommTemplates/001/katoj/images/lookAndFeel/KatojTestimonialsBullet.gif Hi Stacy, I received the necklaces and they are FANTASTIC!!!!!
Karla, MN
https://www.katoj.com/PDGCommTemplates/001/katoj/images/lookAndFeel/KatojTestimonialsBullet.gif Hi Stacy -- New charms came today, and they're even nicer than the pictures. Thank you so much!
Kathi, TX
https://www.katoj.com/PDGCommTemplates/001/katoj/images/lookAndFeel/KatojTestimonialsBullet.gif My keychain came today and I LOVE IT! Happy Birthday to me! You are so talented!!! Thank you!!!!
Carolyn "Myrtle" Shean
Assistant Director
Kickapoo Kamp for Girls
https://www.katoj.com/PDGCommTemplates/001/katoj/images/lookAndFeel/KatojTestimonialsBullet.gif I received my necklace today. I can't thank you enough! It's not often you see such generosity in people and I really appreciate your thoughtfulness. I will continue to be a loyal customer well into the future, this I promise you! Incredibly grateful,
Jennifer, Brownsville, TX
https://www.katoj.com/PDGCommTemplates/001/katoj/images/lookAndFeel/KatojTestimonialsBullet.gif Katoj necklaces are such a great personal statement...I love to wear the one with my daughters names on it, especially when I travel to keep them close to my heart! The necklaces are the best gifts ever!!
Randee, Austin, TX
https://www.katoj.com/PDGCommTemplates/001/katoj/images/lookAndFeel/KatojTestimonialsBullet.gif I have numerous pieces from Katoj myself and have bought multiple gifts for my four daughters, too. I highly recommend looking at what Katoj has to offer. You will be so thrilled with what they will help you design and the final product.
Kathleen, Austin, TX
https://www.katoj.com/PDGCommTemplates/001/katoj/images/lookAndFeel/KatojTestimonialsBullet.gif I just wanted to thank you so much for my recent purchase! I ordered three disks with my children’s names. The order was delivered so quickly and they are exactly what I had hoped for. I love them! Thank you so much!
Laren, Frederick, MD
https://www.katoj.com/PDGCommTemplates/001/katoj/images/lookAndFeel/KatojTestimonialsBullet.gif I have used katoj for many personal events in the past year. Each time, I have been amazed by the product and the efficiency of the order. I love katoj!!!!
Stephanie, Austin, TX
https://www.katoj.com/PDGCommTemplates/001/katoj/images/lookAndFeel/KatojTestimonialsBullet.gif I have two necklaces from KATOJ and I wear one of them every day! I have gotten more compliments on these two necklaces than on all my other jewelry combined. Everyone says they love it and asks where I got it and I always enjoy explaining where I got it and what KATOJ stands for (the first initial of each of the owners’ kids’ names). If I had a nickel for every time someone complimented my necklaces I would have a pretty nice stash. Thanks katoj for making incredible jewelry and I am anxious to add to my collection!
Phara, Portland, OR
https://www.katoj.com/PDGCommTemplates/001/katoj/images/lookAndFeel/KatojTestimonialsBullet.gif Katoj created the most beautiful necklace for my mom for Mother's Day. It is her new favorite piece of jewelry and I'm not sure it's left her neck once since April! I asked for their recommendation and they helped me pick out the perfect simple necklace. I would highly, highly recommend grabbing a piece of katoj jewelry for yourself, your teen girls, or your grandparents - the designs are classic and ageless.
Jennifer, Chicago, IL
https://www.katoj.com/PDGCommTemplates/001/katoj/images/lookAndFeel/KatojTestimonialsBullet.gif I highly recommend katoj for gift-giving. The jewelry is high-quality, creative, and unique. I have given all the women in my family necklaces or bracelets over the years! The owners are highly creative, personable, and professional individuals who are easy to do business with.
Jane, Austin, TX
https://www.katoj.com/PDGCommTemplates/001/katoj/images/lookAndFeel/KatojTestimonialsBullet.gif I love working with katoj! Not only is the jewelry creative and fun, but they deliver high quality products on time and at a good price!
Kathy, Austin, TX
https://www.katoj.com/PDGCommTemplates/001/katoj/images/lookAndFeel/KatojTestimonialsBullet.gif Katoj created two amazing necklaces for my daughters - A sweet horseshoe design for the horse-lover and a necklace paying tribute to the Beatles for my music lover. They loved them!
Denise, Austin, TX
https://www.katoj.com/PDGCommTemplates/001/katoj/images/lookAndFeel/KatojTestimonialsBullet.gif I love my katoj necklace & always get compliments on it!!
Erin, Virginia Beach, VA
https://www.katoj.com/PDGCommTemplates/001/katoj/images/lookAndFeel/KatojTestimonialsBullet.gif Katoj personalized jewelry is one of a kind. The quality and attention to detail makes this jewelry a special gift for yourself or someone you care about. The selection of jewelry ranges from birthstones, to healing stones, to religious symbols to whimsical wine charms. The owners are dedicated to making your jewelry purchase special. Shop here before you consider anyplace else.
Diane, Dallas, TX
https://www.katoj.com/PDGCommTemplates/001/katoj/images/lookAndFeel/KatojTestimonialsBullet.gif The owners of katoj are creative business owners with great concepts! I love katoj jewelry because it is a fabulous one of a kind gift idea for the hard-to-shop-for-person who has everything! When you want to send a gift from the heart this is definitely the perfect way to go. I'm excited to see what else they create!
Michael, Denver, CO
https://www.katoj.com/PDGCommTemplates/001/katoj/images/lookAndFeel/KatojTestimonialsBullet.gif Just got my jewelry. Love it! I bought the 2 single initals disks with birth month charms... beautiful! And it came in quickly.
Sonia, Charlton, MA
https://www.katoj.com/PDGCommTemplates/001/katoj/images/lookAndFeel/KatojTestimonialsBullet.gif Do yourself a favor and look at this wonderful website. I gave katoj necklaces as "Bridesmaids" gifts when I renewed my vows for 50 years of marriage and everyone loved them and still wears them 2 1/2 years later. I have also purchased new baby gifts for moms, sweet Christmas gifts for special girlfriends in my life, thank you gifts for special services, and birthday gifts for my grandchildren (necklaces for the girls and personalized key chains for the boys when they first got their drivers license). I love the quality and ease of KATOJ.
Gwen Houston, TX
https://www.katoj.com/PDGCommTemplates/001/katoj/images/lookAndFeel/KatojTestimonialsBullet.gif Thank you for the beautiful charm bracelet with the names of my 3 precious grandchildren! I wear it every day! What a special gift it is! I love it!
JoAnn T – Houston, TX


I admire you for what you are doing.
Rosie Carrabba, Houston, TX
https://www.katoj.com/PDGCommTemplates/001/katoj/images/lookAndFeel/KatojTestimonialsBullet.gif FANTASTIC!
Pattie Daly Caruso, Desert Palm, CA
https://www.katoj.com/PDGCommTemplates/001/katoj/images/lookAndFeel/KatojTestimonialsBullet.gif I would like 17 with gold for my 10 year old daughter and her friends who are supporting a classmate and friend going through chemotherapy. Thank you!
Cecile, Memphis, TN
https://www.katoj.com/PDGCommTemplates/001/katoj/images/lookAndFeel/KatojTestimonialsBullet.gif This is an awesome endeavor you are doing. I would like the stone to be white for Bone Cancer in honor of my father.
JoAnn T. Houston, TX
https://www.katoj.com/PDGCommTemplates/001/katoj/images/lookAndFeel/KatojTestimonialsBullet.gif May God bless you and give you great guidance and support in your project.
Don, Woodland Hills, CA
https://www.katoj.com/PDGCommTemplates/001/katoj/images/lookAndFeel/KatojTestimonialsBullet.gif You are wonderful to do this for your mom and others.
Wilda, Houston, TX
https://www.katoj.com/PDGCommTemplates/001/katoj/images/lookAndFeel/KatojTestimonialsBullet.gif I wish you all kinds of good luck on this important cause.
Carol, Chicago, IL
https://www.katoj.com/PDGCommTemplates/001/katoj/images/lookAndFeel/KatojTestimonialsBullet.gif This is a wonderful project!
Nancy, Omaha, NE
https://www.katoj.com/PDGCommTemplates/001/katoj/images/lookAndFeel/KatojTestimonialsBullet.gif What a great idea! I would love to get two for my friends that are breast cancer survivors.
Caprice, Austin, TX
https://www.katoj.com/PDGCommTemplates/001/katoj/images/lookAndFeel/KatojTestimonialsBullet.gif I want to give your necklaces to my two nieces who lost their mom 10 years ago to pancreatic cancer as a Christmas gift. Thank you!
Patsy, Dallas, TX
https://www.katoj.com/PDGCommTemplates/001/katoj/images/lookAndFeel/KatojTestimonialsBullet.gif What a great thing you are doing with Kate’s Cure! I would like lime green for my cousin who fought lymphoma.
Carol, Des Moines, IA
https://www.katoj.com/PDGCommTemplates/001/katoj/images/lookAndFeel/KatojTestimonialsBullet.gif What a wonderful idea. You are special to do this! Please send one with a black stone.
Carol, Estero, FL
https://www.katoj.com/PDGCommTemplates/001/katoj/images/lookAndFeel/KatojTestimonialsBullet.gif That is awesome!! I have some friends that are leaving for New York on Thursday and are walking in the Avon Walk For Breast Cancer this weekend. I would love to send them on their journey with a necklace to wear!
Maria, Austin, TX
https://www.katoj.com/PDGCommTemplates/001/katoj/images/lookAndFeel/KatojTestimonialsBullet.gif Love your idea! Passed it on to some friends! Please send a clear gemstone for lung cancer.
Kathy, Estero, FL
https://www.katoj.com/PDGCommTemplates/001/katoj/images/lookAndFeel/KatojTestimonialsBullet.gif We live in Hawaii and I had a melanoma a few years back. Please send a necklace with a black gemstone. Good luck with your fund raising and aloha!
Ron and Bev, Kanoehe, HI
https://www.katoj.com/PDGCommTemplates/001/katoj/images/lookAndFeel/KatojTestimonialsBullet.gif What a fabulous idea! I just ordered 2. I also posted on Facebook to spread the word.
Denise, Austin, TX

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